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Green Anchorage Zones

Idle Vessel Emissions

At any given point, more than 6500 vessels globally are idle at roughly 200 anchorages, emitting over 25 million tons of CO2 and associated particle pollution.

In the face of the challenges surrounding the green transition for the maritime sector, our vision for Green Anchorage Zones emerges as a concrete solution to a complex problem. What sets our approach apart is not just the promise of healthier seas and cleaner air, but the innovative power and charging technology driving it forward.

Our Solution

Building a network of Green Anchorage Zones offering clean energy to vessels at anchor is integral to our vision. Our ambition to build a network of Green Anchorage Zones in partnership with a broad range of stakeholders underscores our commitment to sustainability and innovation. Our approach is rooted in our innovative offshore power solutions that enables a transition to offer clean electricity in Green Anchorage Zones.

Green Anchorage Zones will enable vessels to receive power directly from a clean energy source or the grid through Stillstrom offshore power solution whilst idling, and thereby substituting the use of fossil fuel or valuable e-fuels. Stillstrom concepts and solutions are designed for safe and operational ease, and centered around a set of key benefits.


Multiple Charging & Power Stations

Our green anchorage zone offers multiple charging points through a centralised hub. The green anchorage zones will be developed in a controlled and regulated fashion, respecting other users of the ocean.


Safe & Reliable Solutions

Our concepts are designed with safety and operability at its core and include options for safe mooring and weathervaning. Stillstrom is further aligning closely with shore power developments, and actively work towards industry standardisation.


Enabling Direct Electrification

Our solutions facilitate connection to the shore grid or direct electrification, ensuring a reliable, sustainable, and constant power source for vessels at anchor. It further allows vessel owners to utilise direct electrification whenever idling, and thereby achieving the most economically feasible route to a decarbonised operation compared to other means of decarbonisation.


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