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Stillstrom is an offshore charging buoy concept developed by Maersk Supply Service. It has been designed to eliminate offshore idle vessel emissions and facilitate clean offshore charging across multiple maritime sectors.

Offshore Wind Farms

Enabling clean power and charging stations with safe mooring for vessels servicing offshore floating and fixed-bottom wind parks

Ports and Hubs

Electrifying outside ports, energy islands, and near-shore locations, thereby also addressing congestion and limited space

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Responsible Energy Companies

Supplying clean power to responsible energy companies with offshore operations, and electrifying floating assets and vessels

How Stillstrom works

Acts as a safe mooring spot with clean electric power supply
Fully removes emissions and reduces cost for idle vessels
Supports the transition to electrification, hybridisation and future fuels

Stillstrom’s mission:

to provide solutions to decarbonise the offshore industry. 

Stillstrom trial with Ørsted

Maersk Supply Service and Ørsted have joined forces to test a pilot buoy in 2023. The trial will take place at one of Ørsted’s  wind farms in the North Sea, with the Stillstrom prototype buoy supplying power to the Service Operation Vessels (SOVs) and Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs) operating at the farm.

Stillstrom Orsted Trial

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Stillstrom is owned by Maersk Supply Service, a leading provider of integrated solutions and global offshore marine services for the energy sector worldwide.

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